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    About Giantsun

            GiantSun Power corporation was founded in 2001 and has 4 factories which are located in Chongqing, Shenzhen, Hunan and Vietnam, the total factory area is 110000 m2, GSP is a well-know electronics manufacturer and service provider. With many years of rich experience in designing power of aerospace, communications, industry, home appliances and medical.

           The main products include Robot Vacuum Cleaner, power banks, chargers, adapters, high-quality headphones, e-cigarettes, lithium power supplies, LED power supplies, UAV power supplies and other fields. It has passed quality management system certification, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, RBA (original EICC) , and its products have gotten certification of CCC、CQC、QC、QI、UL、GS、CE、FCC、PSE、ETL、 S-mark、TISI、cTUVus、BSMI、KC、MFI etc. The company can be customized according to customer’s demand.

            The company has a group of experienced professional R & D and management talents in power supply, including more than 210 technical personnel with doctor's degree, master's degree or bachelor's degree or above. The R & D team cooperates with Shenzhen, Hunan, Vietnam and Chongqing companies to fully ensure that the R & D and manufacturing products meet the needs of customers and provide customers with higher quality product.

            GSP is on behalf of high technology, efficiency and quality. It is a sustainable operator with continuous leading technology and development. It is your reliable professional team!

    • 20
      With 20 years of rich industry experience
    • 11
      Production workshops of 11 square meters
    • 210
      More than 210 highly educated management and technical personnel
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